6 questions Renée Konan – creator of the brand Shreyas Ayurveda

Shreyas Ayurveda is on Adaze now! This brand that offers treatments and 100%  natural care intends to promote growth and prevent hair loss.

Renée Konan,  the creator of the Shreyas Ayurveda brand has agreed to give us an exclusive interview! You can find it out here in 6 questions.

1 Can you, please, introduce yourself in a few words so that we know you better, I mean your origins, hobbies, what you are passionate about?

Shreyas AyurvedaI’m Renée Konan, the founder of Shreyas Ayurveda, a brand specialized on hair treatment and hair care, providing products in order to stop hair loss and  foster its  growth.
I started to practice Ayurveda after a very long medical treatment that made me loose my hair. I have a pretty busy life between my husband, our two little girls and my career. I’m also a fervent YouTuber and each week, I post videos on  Ayurvedic lifestyle, on my passion to grow afro women hair and improving our living conditions through spirituality and the law of Attraction.
In the middle of all these activities, I always find  2 or 3 hours to take care of myself and I exercise several times a week.
To talk about my origins, I am Gabonese and I’m blessed to be Ivorian by marriage.


2. How do you take care of your hair? What are the main steps of your hair routine?

Take care of hair is something very simple. The most important thing is consistency.
Here’s my hair routine:

  • Moisturizing and super nourishing mask once a week to give elasticity to my hair.
  • Shampoo with black soap.
  • Rinse water clarifying to disinfect my scalp and restore the Ph.
  • If my hair needs more (conditioner, fabric softener, etc.), I do but I still listen to my hair.
  • Once a week, I do an oil under the helmet steam bath.

Every day, without exception, I do a little massage for 5 minutes with one of my Sera: either the Pravala or the Pravala.
To moisturize and prevent breakage and give a nice volume, I use the Nectar.
And finally, once or twice a month, I boost well with my care “Silk protein” for my curls to revive and strengthen the hair shaft.
But more than anything, I’m proud of my hair and its unique texture. I love it and I think it’s beautiful.

3. Tell us more about Shreyas Ayurveda: what is the credo of your brand?

Shreyas Ayurveda logo

Shreyas Ayurveda is simply the result of a divine inspiration. With my brand, I’m showing women they can have long hair if they wish. My products are original formulations and I use  100% natural raw with Ayurvedic plants from India and others that I collect from African local farmers who are still in the keep.

4. What type of hair is the Shreyas Ayurveda brand intended for?

Beyond the apparent benefits of beautification of the hair, my brand vows to show black, mixed, natural or uncurled women that there is no hair curse on African descendant women. We must change the habit to use some hair products that are highly chemical and harmful to our health and also avoid to use products designed for women who have a very different hair texture  from ours.
Although our target is essentially African, we have clients with European or Oriental hair type as my products are treatment above all, not only products that style or change the hair texture.

5. How do you explain the success of your products in Africa?

Renée Konan Créatrice to Shreyas Ayurveda

Shreyas Ayurveda is my baby, and I wish success to my brand. Actually, my products are sold on the Western market, primarily on American market. Besides, my brand headquarters is in New York City, where I used to live for ten years.

In Africa, I sell well, even very well. But the African market is still very naïve regarding the basics of hair because, frankly, we black women still have too much trouble to accept our natural hair.

Sure that success does not happen overnight: it took time to get a place for myself.
My success is related to the fact that my products really work and also, I think, to the fact that I love my clients and I am available for them. Testimonials with photos have proven the effectiveness of my products.
Finally, my hard work to show the African woman how beautiful she looks naturally is also the source of my success.

6. What advice would you give to our readers to take care of their hair?

I will repeat what I said before but my advice is: love your hair, accept where you are currently in your hair journey, even if you start with almost nothing, give time to time, be patient and use adapted hair products made with pure, concentrated ingredients. Why will you buy a serum made from aloe vera containing barely 0.01% of aloe vera when you can have a natural serum with 100% of the aloe vera plant?


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