Babies hair: hairstyles ideas

Metis hair: how to comb baby?

How to care for hair of babies with hair frizzy and Metis? The YouTuber Amber, the girl Nevaeh's mother, shows us how to take care of black baby hair and how to style them.
She uses the Shea Moisture Kids products. This range, specially designed for children, is prepared with natural products to detangle and smooth hair of babies.

Here are the steps she advises to follow:
1. Wash your hair with shampoo Extra Nourrishing Shampoo base mango and carrot,
2. Apply a few drops d "conditioner Extra Nourrishing Conditioner before styling.
3. If you want to better define the curls, apply the cream bouclante Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Cream
4. Between washings, apply daily pomade Extra Moisture Detangler spray

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So watch the video and find all the tips you need hair baby with Shea Moisture Kids.

Find Ambernevaeh on his Youtube Channel

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