Brazilian smoothing: is it right for you?

Discover all the information on the Brazilian smoothing in 6 questions and answers:

The Brazilian, also known as smoothing "keratin treatment" or "care with keratin", is now known to all. This technique is the latest trend in smoothing and straightening of the hair and, on many textures. Many call this method of 'miracle' because once treated with keratin, hair are more malleable and easy to smooth. However some advise to be wary of this innovation.

What is Brazilian straightening? Is it right for you? Who is he? What are the risks that it has? Adaze helps you answer all your questions in a few points:

  • What is Brazilian straightening?

    Brazilian smoothing is a semi-permanent chemical treatment that softens the hair. Thus, hair is smoother, shinier and even healthier. The composition is often made from formaldehyde (which allows long-term softening), care moisturizing and keratin (protein existing in the hair).


  • Difference between Brazilian smoothing and Japanese straightening

    The Japanese straightening is permanent; it radically changes the structure of the hair, remove the loops and stiffened. This shock treatment can damage the hair, so feed them intensely, even taking food supplements. The big advantage is that later, more need straightening or iron to smooth out, your hair will stay straight, make it wet or dry (until the arrival of the roots of course…).

    It is advisable to have hair in very good health for the Japanese straightening.

    Meanwhile, the Brazilian straightening lasts between 3 and 6 months (depending on the product used and your hair routine). The curls will be relaxed and wavy hair will be smooth; you will have more frizz and your hair will be hydrated and fed for best growth. It is for this that many hairdressers advise following a straightening or coloring keratin treatment in order to fortify the hair.


  • The steps of Brazilian smoothing

    The hair is washed with a purifying and dry Shampoo (treatment requires own hair). Then the Brazilian smoothing is applied on the hair divided into sections with a comb for better penetration. After drying a second time, the iron hot will set the keratin to your hair. Thereafter, you will be forbidden to wash your hair, tie them up, get wet them or put them behind your ears for 72 hours for best results.


  • Brazilian smoothing is for what type of hair?

    If you spend hours to dry and straighten your hair or if you want to relax your curls, if your hair have Frizz or lack of brilliance, you are a good candidate. The keratin treatment works on many types of hair (including the afro type) and many stylists recommend for colored or chemically treated hair.

    However, it is not recommended if you are pregnant, have damaged as a result of many discolorations hair or hair thin and smooth. To summarize, if your hair do not support an iron at 230 ° C, you will not be able to appeal to this treatment.


  • Is Brazilian smoothing a health hazard?

    There is a strong controversy, including the presence of formaldehyde in some keratin care. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas, which in high doses can cause headaches, nausea, troubled eye disorders respiratory etc. It may appear in low doses in some fruits and vegetables.

    However, many experts indicates that one-time exposure is not dangerous for health. Just be vigilant when choosing the treatment that the formaldehyde concentration does not exceed the dose recommended by the FDA.

    For your information, here are the list of deprecated by the national security agency of the drug products:

    List of Brazilian blowouts banned in France by the Ansm


  • Is there an alternative to the Brazilian straightening?

    Rest assured: Yes there is an alternative to the Brazilian smoothing. In order to avoid exposure to the chemicals, Adaze offers a temporary smoothing to make home which will be less concentrated in chemicals and therefore with less risk to health. Choose according to your hair type:

    •  European and wavy hair straightening: Brazilian Keratin Organix Therapy (a Brazilian straightening at home that lasts 30 days)
    •  Smoothing of the hair curly, frizzy and Metis: Naturally Beautiful Straight Texture (a smoothing without straightening which facilitates the smoothing for 4 weeks)


You already have a Brazilian straightening? Do you make a Brazilian straightening? Feel free to share your experience and to give your opinion in our comments.

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