Curly hair: hair Routine with Aunt Jackie’s

How to care for curly hair Type 3 with the Aunt Jackie range?

For curly and frizzy hair, the Aunt Jackie range offers a great value to those who want an affordable and easy to use range.

Discover in video how wash you and care for curly hair for beautiful lengths and locks hydrated on a daily basis. The Aunt Jackie range is perfectly suited for curly hair care.

The steps:

  • Thoroughly wet your hair
  • Wash your hair with shampoo Oh So Clean.  Repeat the operation if necessary. Flush
  • Apply the conditioner In control. Let rest 20 minutes under a heat Cap. Rinse

Watch the video to see it all in pictures: you'll see, your hair will already have beautiful curls! You're ready to do your hair with the conditioner Knot on My Watch.



Once your hair is hydrated and fed, remember to seal your moisture with a coconut oil or oil of amla.
Do not wash your hair too frequently because you risk to too dry. If you want to wash them more than once a week, we recommend that you use a co-wash (moisturizing shampoo) such as the Coconut and Hibiscus Conditioning Cleanser of Shea Moisture.



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