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How to choose and use its products according to its needs? That is a question to which it is not always easy to answer…

Here are a few tips to better find what suits you in our shop

On you will find a selection of selected products for you at the best price. Indeed there are products for all needs and all types of hair. Now a dilemma arises in you: how to choose and use its products according to its needs?

If you have the tendency to be a "product junkie", which means that your bathroom is full of various and varied products and a large part of your budget is over there; This article is perfect for you:

How to choose?

Start by making a list of your needs and your goals.

1. Look at your hair and determine their status: are they dry? Damaged? Chemically treated (dyeing, hair straightening…)? they just need to be maintained?

2. Set your type of hair

3. Set reasonable goals for length, style and volume

Putting all this writing is already a good start to choose your shampoo, conditioner, treatment for the shoot and styling products.

What to expect?

Give a chance to the marketing of products promises. Indeed, the brands want retain you, so it is in their interest to you do love their products and that you share them with your friends. Then, choose a product that promises you what fits your main goal. For example, if your hair is dry, opt for a shampoo, moisturizer, if you want volume, go for a range that meets this need.

Nothing thereby, you you can avoid disappointments (and another purchase in shop)

Try how long?

This depends mainly on the State of your hair. If your hair is very damaged and fragile, two tests should allow you to see a difference, even if it is slight. Wait on average two weeks before form you an opinion, so be not too eager. Also, do not mix products to make sure that the results you see are well of the product that you test and not another product or a chemical reaction.

Also, follow the directions for use! The best of the products may have no effect if you use it correctly.

"Explanation of products."

Shampoo: The main function is to clean the hair and scalp. Some specialized shampoos have additional attributes (color, restful, volumizing, moisturizing, nourishing…)

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Conditioner: Indispensable partner to your shampoo, it is necessary to close the cuticles after cleaning and rebalance the natural pH of hair that will be ready to be styled.

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Mask: The mask to nourish hair thoroughly. To judge the effectiveness of a mask, use it for 4 consecutive weeks. Indeed, some restorative care Act on the long-term; they need time to ensure that their beneficial effects are outside the hair.

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Product styling: It should allow you to facilitate your styling and keep your style longer.  In the form of cream, gel or mousse depending on the texture of your hair, it will allow to give shine, reduce Frizz or soften your hair.

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Care moisturizer: Their effectiveness is harder to judge because the hydration of the hair depends on different factors: sleep on satin, not cotton, use a gentle shampoo, cut off the tips regularly, seal ends with an oil, etc.

So, before changing care moisturizer, make sure you do all these things in your hair routine. Then, observe how your hair will feel after each application of the product.

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