How to keep its smoothing any longer?

When we have curly hair or frizzy natural, we sometimes want to change style smoothing our hair. The holiday season lends itself more to lofts.
However, when the humidity hits our hair, they start to expand and retract immediately. And often after hours to do her hair, we found himself curled again.

To help you, here are some tips to keep your smoothing any longer.

Add oil!

Just after your smoothing, go into the oils, ointments and other fat products. This adds shine and weigh down the hair. Also, oil is a good barrier against moisture.
When you have straight hair, promote serum oil based and forget to water-based products.

Tie your hair!

Well Yes, your hair tied in a ponytail or chignon will be less sensitive to moisture. The buns are a versatile hairstyle, you can get high or get low. This is a simple and fun hairstyle, and you can still keep your straight hair. If your hair is constantly tied, your smoothing will last longer.

Don't struggle against the elements!

We Wonder Women (if, if!). But resist the element is still complicated.
So, before you put one foot out with a smoothing, we look at weather! If it's going to rain, we abandoned the idea because we might arrive at destination with any curly hair.


We braid at night

If your hair were inflated or Frizz in the day, don't panic! Night, stretch them by doing a bun or in braiding them then put a satin scarf. This will mitigate the effects of moisture and allow you to keep your smoothing any longer.

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