Maintain the hair frizzy and curly: Debrief of the workshop of August 2

It is with success that our shop presented its first workshop dedicated to the beauty of the hair! In partnership with Maryse Rocher, an expert hairdresser in natural hair, we have addressed the specifics of afro hair, its needs and what differentiates it from other hair types.

Then our professional did a demonstration application of Naturally Straight live designed by Beautiful Texture, a fabulous product that makes natural frizzy hair more malleable during 4 to 6 weeks.

You can smooth out them effortlessly or even opt for a more natural style with beautiful better defined curls. In addition, this product contains a treatment that hydrates and nourishes in depth to hair stronger and shinier.

Conclusion: A rewarding meeting where each participant has learned more about her hair and their needs.

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