3 ways to overcome Shrinkage with no heat

As a natural haired woman you might know about the “S” word — shrinkage — and probably hate it. It is the natural characteristic of kinky/coily and curly hair.

Nonetheless, shrinkage is a proof that your hair is full of elasticity, thus healthy ! Some naturalistas’ hair shrinks a lot more than others’, from 20% up to 75% of its actual length ! And as shrinkage is a part of being natural, either you try to convince yourself that you can embrace it or you try to reduce it using several methods.

Shrinkage is troublesome when you want to create the biggest afro ever seen. Mind you, you are not to use heat every day on your hair because : it will utterly damage your hair, including breakage and split ends.

So, here are 3 tips to help minimise your shrinkage without heat !


1- Braiding and Twisting

braiding_twisting_method_shrinkage_adazeAs braids put tension on your hair, braiding it will give you a little more length without using heat or any hair tools. Smaller braids or twists can help you defined your curl pattern more, but if you just want to stretch your hair 6 large chucky braids will do. The longer you leave the braids all over your head, the longer your hair will stretch. You can also bobby pins the braids to stretch it out more.


2- Banding

banding_method_shrinkage_AdazeBanding is a method that makes use of ponytail holders to stretch out your natural hair when wet. Divide your hair into several sections (the more sections you do, the longer your hair will look), tie your ponytail holders from root to tip and let it air dry. Be sure to use ponytail holders with no metal hardware because it can snag your hair along the way.

3- African threading

African_threading_method_shrinkage_adazeAfrican threading is another heat-free way to stretch your natural hair. Detangle your hair, then create sections and tightly wrap a piece of thread around each section from root down to your ends. To obtain better results, keep this protective style overnight.

This method can also lengthen and grow your hair if you do it often.  

Which of these methods you like best ? Send us pictures using these with the final results !

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