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Once upon a time… Maryse rock

Maryse Rocher: A professional at the service of black hair. Owner of the salon Hair Karly hairstyle in Paris, is a professional hairdressing, including one dedicated to people of African descent. For her, the training of specialists has black hair being a reality. She also thought that customers should have access to information more just about their hair care needs.

Maryse Rocher is a professional hairdressing, technician and trainer exclusive in France of the American brand Organic Roots Stimulator, hair care specialist. Hairstyle and it, it's a great love story that materializes when in 1999 she opened her first salon in Paris, Hair Karly hairstyle. Later, she moved to settle in Montreuil in Paris region, and now officiates in Paris. It is not always easy especially when we decided to focus on the hair of African descent.    "But when we love, we don't count," notes adage.

This interview given by the expert magazine beauty of Afrik in 2008 will enlighten you on his extraordinary journey:

How did you come to the hairstyle?

Maryse Rocher: I loved it when I was little but I didn't make one day a trade. I already opted for the secretariat but I had all of the same momentum in the adventure by registering in a school. The true light bulb went with my first report card. We read, 'student good at this job '. In addition, in all training that I followed, I very quickly found, pushed by my teachers, to train my classmates. It is a gift of God and 22 years ago now.

You are a technician. What does this mean?

Maryse Rocher: A technician has the control of chemicals. She realizes the mixtures. Also will be able to, for example, then a coloring, make up a color that turns, create custom colors… In principle, each show must have a technician.

What are the difficulties of a Hairdresser who specializes, in part – because you do hair all types of hair, in the clientele of African descent?

Maryse Rocher: People of African descent need much care for their hair under a different climate than the original. Hairdressers who call themselves 'the hair of people of African descent specialists' lack of adequate training. Similarly, the customer lack of information. Before working on the hair of a client, I perform a systematic diagnosis. I défriserai never a client whose hair is damaged and in need of care. And then people want quality without wanting to pay the price. Training and the mastery of the technique are pressing issues for professionals in this sector, as information and care are for customers.

And from a purely economic point of view?

Maryse Rocher: From a point of view more administrative, at least for those who work in the rules, our margins are lower than those achieved in the salons for Europeans. I'll tell you an anecdote in this regard. My Management Center challenged me on the fact that I had coefficients lower than other salons. What is normal because we spend more time on a hair of African than European hair type. However the coefficients have been made compared to the latter type of hair. Another point, before we don't charge our customers supplements products that sometimes we regularly use. But since that taxes have called me to order, it is no longer the case.

What is wrong with the current offer, which is made by the 'specialists' the hair salon dedicated to people of African descent?

Maryse Rocher: I deplore the lack of hygiene in the salons of Strasbourg Saint Denis, water tower, Chateau Rouge… Yet, it is one of the first things you learn in school of hairdressing. These shows do great harm to the profession and especially to customers who are duped. At the same time, it's understandable as those employed in these spaces are in bad conditions. They are not trained, they are poorly paid, paid per head, and they are often not reported to the Urssaf (french agency ED who collects social security contributions). There is therefore no motivation among staff. Besides, these fairs do not generally belong to people from the community. They are the property of businessmen who don't only exploiting a strong market potential that attracts more and more.


Do not hesitate to turn to her living room, you are entitled to a free diagostic:

Maryse rock
5, street François de Neufchâteau
75011 Paris
Nearest metro: Voltaire or Charonne (line 9)
Phone: 01 43 67 16 20

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