The different types of hair

We all have a different hair type, so the care products, different Councils need to be made.

Here are the different types of hair with their description below:

types cheveux_adaze


Slightly wavy 2A: big waves large, very flexible, who held

2B wavy: Very soft curls in the form of S, little body or volume, prone to Frizz

2 c wavy with loops: ripple in the form of S, volume or moderate body, curl easily, difficult to comb

3A curly with loops: loops well defined S shaped, lots of volume and movement with nice elasticity (spring), subject to Frizz, dry trend

3B curly: Uniform, well defined loops in spirals, a lot of volume and movement, swell, wither and curl easily

3 c curly with reels: tight, curls defined in the form of corkscrew or frizzy, very dense with a lot of volume, swell, tangle, curl and dry easily

4A friezes: English or frizzy, loops, S-shape, volume and limited movement, fragile, dry hair, tangle easily

4B closely wound: tight, frizzy curls with less definitions, lack of movement very dense, tonic, hair, fragile, dry hair, tangle easily

4 c wrapped with zig – zag: very tight, frizzy curls in Z shape, require a styling for the definition, fragile hair, dry, tangle easily

If you want to treat your hair and have care and products according to your typing, feel free to make an Appointment here.

We also offer the redefinition of your natural loop, for more information feel free to contact us by Appointment.

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