The Organix kit to argan oil: A must for beautiful hair for the holidays

This pack contains: shampoo, conditioner and penetrating oil. This wonderful formula based on argan oil helps protect hair from the heat, eliminate Frizz, and nourish the hair dry and dull. The hair will be so soft, hydrated and find their natural shine. 

This product is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. Its compact size allows you to take it everywhere with you. Here are our tips to use: 

Shampoo (88.7 mL): apply generously to wet hair. Massage and rinse. Repeat the operation if necessary. 

Our view: sulfate-free shampoo that smells very good. Hair are brighter and have more volume. No residue after rinsing. 

Conditioner (88.7 mL): after your shampoo. Apply generously from roots to ends. Let stand 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. 

Our view: allows you to detangle the hair more easily. Hair is softer after rinsing. Still takes a deep mask at least once every 15 days. You will find in our shop

Penetrating oil (50 mL): pour a small amount into the Palm of your hands and rub them. Apply on the tips of your hair still wet. You can also use daily to feed your ends. 

Our opinion: the small opening allows you to pay just what to product. The hair is soft and Frizz disappear. Use every other day also to maintain shine and hydration of your hair. 

Conclusion: An ideal size to take along the necessary to take care of your hair when you travel! You can keep your hair soft and hydrated. Be sure to take a mask deep with you if you go more than two weeks! We recommend the 3 minute Miracle Aussie Moist. Get optimal hydration in 3 minutes and do not pass your leave to take care of your hair! 




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